Waiting for Warlords: progress report

In Whilst we wait for Warlords I listed a few of the things I’d be working on before Warlords drops.

In an attempt to actually get some of these done, I’ll be doing progress reports. If nothing else, it’ll focus the mind on this!


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Whilst we wait for Warlords: Make gold

Somewhat related to things to do whilst waiting for Warlords, I’ve slowly been making gold. I was also curious as to what my gold making looked over time. I’m not a pro-gold maker and I’ve written about some of the things I do before.

That said, I am getting close to the gold cap on a single server.

More details, inc a graph and code

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Whilst we wait for Warlords

We know that Warlords will be released in around three months, with the systems patch happening in around two months time.

This means that now is the perfect time to finish off any achievements or things which would either be impossible or irksome to do once we’re into the content Warlords has for us.

With a guild group I got the gold challenge modes done yesterday – when Warlords hits the transmog sets, titles and mounts will no longer be obtainable. If you’ve already got one of the challenge mode reward mounts when Warlords hits then Blizzard have said it’ll go accountwide and you’ll be able to get the other three mounts as well.

But what else do I have on my list?

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Warlords: Now that we have a date

Now that we have the date of release for Warlords we can finally do some comparisons with how Mists has stacked up against other expanisons.

There is also the question of when the 6.0 systems patch is released which has not been announced yet.

Dates, get your dates!

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I’m a bad hunter…

You can tell my hunter is an alt – even if she is rocking a nice transmog – she doesn’t have much in the way of stat pets!

So, with the help of The Hunters’ Union and Petopia I decided to get to work & fix this!

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GamesCon interview with Tom Chilton

There has been an Interesting interview of Tom Chilton by Vanion.eu which has got some interesting bits and pieces in it.

More details

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Legendary cloak – the sixth is done

So after being taunted by missing a single runestone last week, this week my Paladin headed into Seige of Orgrimmar LFR part 1 – at least that way I’d be guarenteed a runestone from the Sha of Pride!

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