Mount farming 101 – master post

So far my most popular post has been related to soloing raids – something I’ve mostly done for mounts.

However that post has a problem – it assumes that you’ve done the encounters at the level they were intended for and thus know the mechanics which can be ignored. And those which can’t.

Soloing raids in more details

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Why farm mounts?

[See Master post]

I never intended to farm mounts as I do today; it just kind of… happened.

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Mount farming: which mounts now?

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There are 403 mounts in the game; whilst the raid mounts here only make up 37 of those, how do you work out which mounts you still need?

And once you’ve decided the mounts to chase, how should you go about it?

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Mount farming: prerequisites

[See Mount farming 101: master post]

There are some prerequisites for the mount farming; the only really required one is to be at a relatively high level and reasonably well geared.

I’d say that being at level cap in good gear – I did all of the instances on my level 100 elemental shaman who had ~640 item level – would be handy, however I did farm heroic Dragonsoul 10 on my paladin as she leveled from 90 with no real issues, although it became challenging as she approached level 100 due to the conversion of secondary stats from points to percentages!

There are also some Addons which can be useful

Addon details

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Mount farming: getting around

[See Mount farming 101: master post]

Part of the fun in mount farming is the need to move around the world becomes an issue – without planning ahead you can easily spend a large amount of time traveling between instances.

Getting around

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Making the Menagerie

When pet battles first came out they looked kind of interesting, but I stayed away as they seemed to tick a number of “Gotta catch ’em all!” boxes which would have me chasing pets to the exclusion of everything else and I already had plenty to do in game!

So on hitting level 100 and getting my level three garrison I was presented with an annoyance…

Something annoying…

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Accumulating Apexis

Ah, Apexis Crystals. One of the currencies in Warlords which can be used for gear, mounts, pets, etc.

Personally I’ve mostly been using them to purchase two of my weekly seals of tempered fate for 3,000 apexis crystals – the 3rd coming from my Dwarven Bunker. And 3,000 apexis crystals were easy to get each week from doing garrison missions, plus the few which came from work orders.

However I’m now using gold to buy the seals and I’m trying to build up the apexis crystals as much as possible before 6.2 hits. The reason, as it always seems to be when I’m doing this type of insanity, involves a mount.

So how am I going to get lots of Apexis crystals?

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