Secondary professions – Not quite dead yet

In The death of secondary professions I wrote about how it felt that Warlords had removed the need for professions like cooking, fishing, etc. I also noted that changes coming in 6.1 may help with this.

Now that 6.1 has been out for a little bit, how useful are secondary professions now?

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Garrisons and the altoholic

I have a lot of alts. And this has meant a lot of garrisons. Which means a lot of time eaten up by the running of the garrisons.

But how much time is eaten? And will it mean taking a close look at how I run my garrisons?

The best way to handle this will be to do a Time study – the time part being from Time and Motion.


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The death of secondary professions?

I’ve always enjoyed the secondary professions in WoW; in vanilla I spent many an hour fishing up Nightfin Snappers outside of Stratholm to make Nightfin soup for raiding. Having first aid maxed out also made sense – any extra healing was useful after all!

Over the years I’ve kept up the secondary professions, adding archeology along the way. I’ve become best friends with Nat Pagle, taught Nomi cooking and dug up all sorts of artifacts from the past over several expansions. I’ve gained one or two notable things over the course of my WoW playing.

Realm First 525 Fishing Seeker of Knowledge
Realm First Fishing seeker-of-knowledge

With Warlords I did level all of the secondary professions up to their new maximum level of 700, but now I’m not feeling the secondary profession love so much, the point that I’m rarely doing them any more.

TL;DR: not so useful right now, but we see promise on the 6.1 PTR!

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Upgrading the followers

So you’ve been bitten by the mini-game of sending garrison followers out on missions and you’ve leveled some to level 100.

What now?

Well, when followers reach level 100 they’ll have an item level of 600 and you’ll be able to upgrade their weapons and armory; but why would you want to upgrade your followers?

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Soloing in a 6.0 world – level 100 edition

My post Soloing in a 6.0 world has been rather popular, most likely as a lot of people found as I did that the hidden buff you get when in an old raid instance made soloing much easier.

However that was when the chars I was doing the soloing on where in at least Seige of Orgrimmar gear, ranging from normal to mythic level.

Now we’re at 100, whilst we’ll have more primary stats the normal change to how combat ratings are converted to their percentage stats has occured so our characters will not have the same percentage of haste, mastery or crit we had before.

Will this impact the soloing at level 100 in early expansion gear?

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Garrison followers for professions

I’ve really liked garrisons in Warlords; it’s good to have a home away from home – moreso now that I have dwarfs guarding the garrison of my main. It’s a little slice of Ironforge on Draenor!

The garrison has buildings associated with professions and if you are doing professions you’ll want to have the relevent buildings – if nothing else it’ll generate more of the daily cooldown materials every creation profession has.

More details and the followers

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We waited for Warlords

Since October I’ve been keeping a ToDo list here – see Category: Waiting for expansion for all the posts – mostly so that I’d get stuff done whilst we waited for Warlords to be released.

With Draenor so close, how well have I done?


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